Tips For a Safe-Spooktacular Season… and Bonfire Night!

As we draw towards another fantastic festival, it is pertinent to recognise of the dangers this season can harbour.

We all love to pull the brains out of a pumpkin this time of year and savour the sweet aroma of a tealight burning away inside, whilst marvelling at the craftsperson’s splendid artwork in transforming this otherwise ordinary vegetable into the centre-piece of any good Halloween party.  Just keep in mind, that candles are always a hazard, stand your pumpkins on a safe non flammable surface, well away from curtains and other flammables, be extra careful of using streamers or other decorations near your  flaming pumpkin – by far the safest place for them is outside – again on a good non-flammable surface, and away from children and pets, and anything else that could potentially catch light.

A party is only a good party, if the next day there are no burnt curtains, damaged carpets or scarred children, and the best way to ensure this is to plan ahead.  If you find that there’s nowhere safe to stand a pumpkin with a candle inside it, then don’t do it!  Small battery-operated tea lights are available at most party supply shops, these little fellas take all of the risk away, and you still get the visual spectacular!

It’s important too to think about when you will be serving your hot food offerings at your party…. It’s a good idea to ensure that you have a responsible adult overseeing the apple bobbing, whilst you dish up the chilli… even a small distraction can lead to a cooking fire, or avoidable injury!

Always keep everyone safe by having no sources of ignition anywhere near fancy dress clothing and props. These items are not always covered by the same fire safety standards as everyday clothes, and furniture, and can sometimes be extremely flammable.

If you will be letting your children go “Trick or Treating” make sure that they keep safe by staying together.  Stop children from going to houses where elderly or vulnerable people might live so that people are not disturbed by the fun unless they wish to be.  Many people now decorate their houses and leave outside lights on to invite Trick or Treaters, it best for everyone if children knock at those doors.

And then we move on towards the flashing, whizzes and bangs of our celebration of democracy – “Firework Night”.  Done carefully this celebration needn’t be dangerous at all.

Try to attend a fully organised a licenced display – the organisers will have thought of all the safety implications for you, so you only need to follow their rules!

If you are having a display at home, always light your fire/fireworks well away from property, pets and people.  Never use petrol or other flammable liquids to light your fire, as they can be explosive – you can get fire lighting blocks from all hardware stores.  Never burn anything inorganic – wood and paper are fine, never burn plastics or rubber.

Think about those living around you.  Will a fire or fireworks cause distress to anyone?  If so then you really shouldn’t be considering having a garden display!

Fireworks can be very dangerous, always buy them from a reputable dealer, and always follow the instructions.  NEVER return to a lit firework if it seems to go out, it can still explode!

Never leave a fire or fireworks unattended – that moment to answer the phone/fetch another hot dog, could be life-changing.

Alcohol/drugs and fireworks do not mix.  Make sure the person lighting the fire and fireworks is competent.

If you are using sparklers, remember that they stay hot for quite a while after burning out – have a bucket of water handy for people to drop them into when they are finished.

Now that’s the safety done…. The team at PiMS Ltd, wish you all a happy and safe Halloween and Fireworks Night!

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