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Thanks to their unique format and layout, our check-out inventory reports are unrivalled. At Professional Inventory Management Services Ltd, in Lincoln, we’ve developed a process which makes reading and comparing the check-out to the inventory around 80% faster than conventional reports that other companies produce. This “world’s first” before and after format is a great way of comparing the property when the tenants moved in to when they moved out.

If you haven’t been fortunate enough to use us for your original inventory then we will conduct the same high level of forensic inspection going off the original inventory. Please see our copy of a check-out report completed by us using another agents inventory. Note: If the original inventory has missed anything (and we see this a lot!) then this may limit your deposit claim greatly.


With the check-out report displayed on the right hand side and the original inventory report on the left, you’re able to easily compare the two. This unique feature clearly details all reported items, with both text and evidential photographs together, enabling the reader to quickly make a before and after comparison. Items not reported in the check-out are not displayed on the inventory side, as there is no need to read about items if their condition has not changed from the start of tenancy.


The check-out report contains the same initial information as an inventory, such as details about inspection conditions, keys, meters, cleanliness, and safety. However, to complete the report, we go from room to room, meticulously comparing items in the inventory. The report, which is created on the same day that our clerks visit the property, details their original state compared to their current condition.

If an item’s condition has changed, whether it is positive or negative, it will be detailed as an observation. All observations are in red. A positive may be something such as the walls being repainted with the landlord’s permission in writing, a higher level of cleaning presented, or lightbulbs that were missing have now been replaced. If any items are missing or non-landlord belongings are left in the property by tenants, this is also noted as an observation. The observations and evidential photographs that support them, along with any notes in the report may be used by the landlord to secure a claim against the tenant’s deposit.

If you have had a poor-quality inventory and check-in report, none at all, or one that was not impartial, the strength of the check-out report will be seriously undermined. It may even dismiss any chance of the landlord making a claim against the tenant’s deposit.


Utilising our check-out or simultaneous inventory and check-in and check-out report services allows you to successfully negotiate a compensation fee for a landlord from tenants who have caused substantial damages to their property. Negating the need for the case to go to the dispute resolution as our independent reports will make it an open and shut case, providing the evidence required that proves the landlord’s claim. Due to our qualifications and accreditation our evidential legal reports are considered Expert Witness Statements.


See what our customers have to say…

Absolutely fantastic service from these ladies. Called in this evening and they came out next day for an inventory that took all day and had the report with me by teatime. I’d been asking to agent to arrange the inventory for weeks prior to tenants moving in. Now my tenants have moved in and signed the inventory even before my agent had replied to my emails! Time to drop the agent I think

Emma Hargreaves