Corners matter too!

Our inventory clerks often get frustrated when conducting check outs and inventories, when they regularly find dirt in corners, or behind the sink pedestal/toilet pedestal. 

Dark, dirty corners should be part of the cleaning routine, and special attention should be paid to these areas during the end of tenancy clean.  If these corners are clean when the tenant moves in, then they should be left clean at the end of the tenancy, and if they are not, then a claim can be made to clean them from the deposit.

Ignoring these areas as “small details” and letting the new tenant move in without them being clean, send a message to the tenant that they can leave it too!  This can lead to landlord’s properties becoming tired looking, and if left can result in less interest when re-letting, and even loss of rental value of the property!

Our advice, make sure you have the best independent inventory and check out, and ensure that your agent claims for dirty corners when they’re picked up on the check out! 

Wear and Tear NEVER includes dirt and dust – these are symptoms of neglect, and can end up costing you money!

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