Having a detailed inventory report is only half the battle. What you also need is a great support service, before, during, and after the report is complete. So what makes Professional Inventory Management Services Ltd the perfect choice? Simple – our ability to provide you with an extensive array of unmatched services.

Property Inventory Services

What you will get from us

Professional Inventory Management Services Ltd

All Photos Time and Date Stamped Audit Trail of Amendments Detailed On Report
Reports Amended as Required – Free of Charge
All Keys Detailed and Photographed Individually
All Meters Read and Photographed
Clerks Fully Equipped for All Report Situations, Including Forensic Measuring Equipment All Clerks Highly Trained and Smartly Dressed
Clerks Wear Shoe Protectors to All Properties
100% Professional and Discreet – We Never Discuss the Performance of the Agent,

Landlord, or Other Contractors with Tenant

Reports Easy to Read – Story Book Layout with Full Report Index – saves 80% reading time All Reports Delivered the Same Day as Standard Fully Insured to All Private and Corporate Needs
All Reports Secured with Latest Audit Trail Software – Access Reports from Anywhere 24/7*Wi-Fi™/3G/4G needed Reports Can Be Delivered Within 30 Minutes with Our Express Service (Extra Charge) All Observations Supplied with Photographic, Time- and Date-Stamped Evidence
Member of Industry Trade Associations Certificates and Receipts Photographed into Reports In-Depth, Professional Reporting and HD Photos
Full Description and Photos of Items No Abbreviations Used Except for RHS (Right Hand Side) and LHS (Left Hand Side) Reports Distributed to Your Instructions
Full Health and Safety Information of the Property andAssessments to Help Prevent Avoidable Injuries Full Testing of Fire and Co2 Alarms with Results Entered into Report – *Battery-Powered Unit Replacements Where Unit Is Non-Functioning to Ensure Tenant Is Protected All Keys Tagged PiMS Ltd Fob to Identify Them and Stop Loss – With Full Signed for Return Procedures Followed
Early, Late, Sunday, and Last-Minute Bookings Taken (May Be Subject to Extra Charge) Easy Booking – Phone, Email, Online Emergency Callout Service Available

(Extra Charge)

Booking Confirmation Mirroring Your Instructions Summary of Cleanliness of Key Areas at Report Start Gas-Safe™ Certificates Photographed into Reports


Professional Management Inventories Ltd understand that we operate in a highly competitive market place. Without a doubt our reports are market leading, but with everything of quality there is a price. Our aim is to strike that competitive balance between the triumvirate of Price, Quality and Competitiveness.

Call us today to discuss your needs and we will put together a bespoke package that gives you the best price, the best reports and competitive edge you need in todays market.

“We will Beat Your Current Inventory Provider Company Prices on a Like for Like Basis”

All Reports Can Be Delivered In Over 58+ Languages

Professional Inventory Management Services Ltd is the only Inventory company in Lincolnshire to offer all of its reports in multiple languages.

Life, no matter where you live is multi-cultural, so we have developed an inventory report service to meet this need.The Inventory Clerk could be English, the agent Russian, the Landlord Gujaraty and the tenants a mixed house share of Polish, Greek, Italian, Chinese, Latvian, Korean and Thai.

Professional Inventory Management Services Ltd can translate the report into the Mother language of all tenants so they can easily read it, no matter what the base language used, and still deliver the original report and all the translated versions same day!

Languages include:“Afrikans, Arabic, Azerbaijani, Belarusian, Bengali, Bulgarian, Burmese, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonia, Filipino, Flemish, French, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hakka, Hindi, Hmong, Hungarian, Italian Japanese, Javanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay / Indonesian, Nepalese, Northern Min / Simplified Chinese, Persian / Farsi, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovac, Somali, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Turkman, Ukrainian”



See what our customers have to say…

  • Called them out to do an inventory and check-in on one of my properties after a horrendous mess up with an Agent. Not only did they do it properly but it was done and emailed to me within 40 minutes of being completed. Im still waiting on one from my Agent after 4 weeks!!!. Worth the money and cheaper than agents

    Jenny Cane
  • Had a superb experience with this company. The inventory is very thorough and detailed . The best I have seen . They are very professional and reliable . Worth every penny x thanks guys

    Helen Piper
  • PiMS have been a breath of fresh air to deal with. We were impressed by the amount of detail included in their reports. The customer service has been exemplary. Many thanks

    Becci Parkin
  • Very professional .... couldn't believe how efficient .... was also pleased how they did a copy of the inventory in polish for my polish tenant ... it took away all the language barrier..... wouldn't hesitate to re use this company .

    Julia Cracknell
  • Came out same day we called, completed inventory and then checked tenant in. We had the paperwork signed and returned by the evening. Couldn't fault at all. Amazing in-depth inventory with HD photos and forensic measurements, polite and knowledgeable clerk. Best inventory we've ever had done in the uk with any of our lettings. Thanks PiMS

    Karen Trett
  • Highly professional and really prompt service. I was totally reassured that this stage of re-letting my property would be dealt with swiftly & smoothly and they didn't fail to deliver. I recommend that all that are in tenancy services make a very wise decision and use PIMS to avoid any unnecessary and costly situations that can & do often arise.

    Sadie Charles
  • Wow. Now that's what I call an inventory. Detailed, forensic and delivered the same day. In Hd. Every inch of the property covered. Lovely clerk too. Polite, knowledgeable and professional. Thanks PiMS

    Carl Simpson
  • Emma was very nice and professional. Property was checked and inspected quick and thoroughly. I am happy knowing that an independent company is backing me up with my tenancy. They really CARE. Their approach and personal treatment was spotless. 5 stars positive feedback

    Ruben Lopez Catalan
  • I needed an inventory on my 5 bed property. Ruth came out and meticulously recorded all details of my property in a 260 page report with 800 photos in HD. The report was emailed to me and also sent to my tenant. My tenant could iopen it and read it going through the prooperty and could then remotley sign it. I didnt need to come up from Surrey to do the check in or anything. Sorted out there and then in the most exceptional and professional manner.  The report is also tracked and stored securely. PiMS are the best inventory company I've seen in Lincs. Will only use PiMS from now on. Thanks ladies

    Hilary Brown Landlord
  • Fantastic result. Agent said I shouldnt bother to claim but I stuck to my guns and with the check out report Pims did for me I challenged the deposit return myself. Despite paying my agent to do that! Im pleased I did, the report was so indepth and unchallengeable that it was straight forward and the money was with me within 6 days. Now I can repair ther damage the tenants did and re-let, but not with that agent.

    Mrs Jameson
  • Emma and Ruth provide a very professional service with a personal friendly touch. I would definitely recommend PIMS Ltd.

    Emma and Ruth provide a very professional service with a personal friendly touch. I would definitely recommend PIMS Ltd. director
  • Emma and Ruth provide a very professional service with a personal friendly touch. I would definitely recommend PIMS Ltd.

    Liz Ramella Director
  • The service provided by Emma and Ruth was amazing. They are very professional and genuinely aim, to help you feel satisfied. I would 100% recommend PIMS Ltd

  • Very professional and efficient.. a great service and good value for money.. can highly recommend Emma and Ruth.. will definitely be using them again..

    Slim Shady Director/Owner

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