A shorter report consisting of 50+ pages and photos in full HD. Exceeds industry standards yet perfect for those on a budget. Industry standard inventories are circa 30 pages & 20 photographs.

A complete detailed report featuring close up photographs of each room and item within and fully individual descriptions. The very best level of forensic reports recommended for high end/value properties and newly re-decorated/refurbished properties. These reports are up to 200 pages and have in excess of 200 photos.

A great Inventory report is only half the battle. What you also need is a great support service, before, during and after the report is complete.

ALL REPORTS DELIVERED SAME DAY No Exception Even On Late Bookings. Reports Can Be Delivered Within 30 Minutes Of Leaving Property

Storybook Layout – No Pages And Pages Of Text Then Long Blocks Of Photographs

In-Depth State Of Cleanliness For Each Area Including Appliances, Woodwork, Furnishings, Bathrooms, Kitchens Etc At Report Start

Clerks Introduce Themselves To Tenants & Establish That We Are 100% Impartial, Independent And Unbiased, Not Acting For Agent, Landlord Or Tenant

Clerks Highly Trained And Competent

No Abbreviations Used In Reports Except RHS And LHS – Right / Left Hand Side

High Quality Overview Photograph Of Property On Front Of Report

Pages Sequentially Numbered 1/98 Etc

Amendments Completed Free Of Charge And Completed Within 24 Hours

Full Index Of Report Contents

All Photographs Date And Time Stamped

Report Distributed As Per Your Instructions

Reports Highly Detailed In All Areas

Meter Readings Include Physical Reading Photographs, Serial Number And Locations

Booking Email Confirmations / Alterations / Cancellations Sent

Gas Safe Certificates Photographed Into Reports

In Depth, Concise, Impartial Reports

Tenant Signature Gathered At Check In – No More Unsigned Reports

All Cleaning Receipts Photographed Into Report

Tenant Signature On All Pages

Full Health & Safety Information

Clerks Fully Equipped Including Forensic Measuring Equipment

Fast Access Damages Summary On All Reports

Property Address On Every Page

All Descriptions And Photographs Have Corresponding Serial Numbers

We Include Full Testing Of Fire And CO2 Alarms And Results Entered Into Report

Keys And Lock Locations Individually Photographed

Details Of Clerk Completing Report, Signature And Email Address In Report

Full Health And Safety Information For Property

We Are Fully Insured For Peace Of Mind

All Reports Titles On First Page

Clerks Wear Shoe Protectors Or Inside Only Shoes, In Property At All Times

We Never Discuss The Performance Of The Agent, Landlord Or Other Contractors With Tenant

Audit Trail Of Amendments Detailed On Report

Reliable, Trustworthy And Always Smartly Turned Out

Report Audit Trail Features Are The Best In The UK Delivering Strong Evidential Support

We Never Discuss The Cost Of Reports With Any Party Other Than Bill Payer

All Reports Secured In Our Data Centre

Full Name Of Clerk Conducting Report Detailed On First And Last Page

Reports Can Be Download 24/7 Onto Any Devices Or Platform Anywhere You Have Wifi Or 3G/4G-

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