Carefully Inspecting Properties with a Mid-Term Inventory by Professionals in LINCOLN

Extremely popular among agents and landlords, the mid-term inventory is the shortest report we offer. At Professional Inventory Management Services Ltd, in Lincoln, we offer an array of property reports that deliver an insight into how a tenant is looking after the property, identifying any problems that there may be. Offering a strong indication of how the property is being looked after, it provides total peace of mind.

Mid-Term Reports

Helping to identify any maintenance issues, illegal activity, sub-letting and let to lets, pets, smoking, or other tenancy breaches, we utilise our skills and expertise to periodically conduct mid-term inventories. We will also talk to tenants and make note of any maintenance issues that they may have. We work tirelessly to create the report and deliver it the same day that our clerks visit the property.

Appointment Details

  • Inspection date
  • Inspection address
  • Property type
  • Client name
  • List of Inspected Areas and Photographs

Identified During Inspection

Inspections are carried out to help identify evidence of:

  • Non Tenants
  • Pets
  • Recent Repairs
  • Smoking
  • Damage
  • Poor Cleanliness
  • Damp
  • Condensation
  • Sub Letting
  • Illegal Activity

Plus, Inspections of (Where Relevant):·

  • Boundary Walls / Fences
  • Brickwork / Rendering
  • Chimney Stacks
  • Doors and Frames (External)
  • Drives and Paths
  • Exterior Decor
  • Gutters and Pipes
  • Roof
  • Windows and Frames (External)
  • Gardens
  • Garages
  • Outbuildings
  • All Interior Rooms, Fixtures, and Fittings


See what our customers have to say…

  • Called them out to do an inventory and check-in on one of my properties after a horrendous mess up with an Agent. Not only did they do it properly but it was done and emailed to me within 40 minutes of being completed. Im still waiting on one from my Agent after 4 weeks!!!. Worth the money and cheaper than agents

    Jenny Cane
  • Had a superb experience with this company. The inventory is very thorough and detailed . The best I have seen . They are very professional and reliable . Worth every penny x thanks guys

    Helen Piper
  • PiMS have been a breath of fresh air to deal with. We were impressed by the amount of detail included in their reports. The customer service has been exemplary. Many thanks

    Becci Parkin
  • Very professional .... couldn't believe how efficient .... was also pleased how they did a copy of the inventory in polish for my polish tenant ... it took away all the language barrier..... wouldn't hesitate to re use this company .

    Julia Cracknell
  • Came out same day we called, completed inventory and then checked tenant in. We had the paperwork signed and returned by the evening. Couldn't fault at all. Amazing in-depth inventory with HD photos and forensic measurements, polite and knowledgeable clerk. Best inventory we've ever had done in the uk with any of our lettings. Thanks PiMS

    Karen Trett
  • Highly professional and really prompt service. I was totally reassured that this stage of re-letting my property would be dealt with swiftly & smoothly and they didn't fail to deliver. I recommend that all that are in tenancy services make a very wise decision and use PIMS to avoid any unnecessary and costly situations that can & do often arise.

    Sadie Charles
  • Wow. Now that's what I call an inventory. Detailed, forensic and delivered the same day. In Hd. Every inch of the property covered. Lovely clerk too. Polite, knowledgeable and professional. Thanks PiMS

    Carl Simpson

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